79░ 40' - 13░

At the northside of  Liefdefjord you'll find a group of small islands called And°yane, which means Duck-islands.. 

Not much information about these islands only about Baron Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskj÷ld,1832ľ1901, Swedish geologist and arctic explorer, first to navigate the Northeast Passage, b. Finland. He served as geologist on several expeditions to Spitsbergen. He visit And°yane in 1875.

During the last twenty years of his life Nordenskj÷ld wrote several valuable books on geography, cartography, and travel. Among his translated works is The Voyage of the Vega (1881). His Facsimile-Atlas (1889) and Periplus (1897) are especially interesting for their collections of early maps, charts, and geographical documents.

See The Arctic Voyages of Adolf Erik Nordenski÷ld (ed. by A. Leslie, 1879).