78º 39' - 16º 20'

This Russian mining town is named after the 935 meter high mountain at the North side.
Walking through the town, you feel the pride of the Russians. Buildings in a stately manner, surrounded by grass which was imported from Siberia. Culture is present in the shape of art, a museum and a cultural centre  where you will find a library, a theatre and a sportshall.
The footpaths are made of wood, which is raised and can be heated & illuminated, making them easy to use in the long, cold and dark winter. 

For pleasure and spare time, besides the cultural centre, there is not only a sportsfield and a swimming-pool, but also a nightclub with a beautiful mosaic above the steps. The settlement also has a school, playgrounds, a hospital and to make it a real 'metropolis', a hotel and an airport. 

        Airport of Pyramiden
Something absent for the Norwegians, but available for the Russians, is fresh-produce. These products like vegetables, milk, meat and eggs, come from a greenhouse and a farm.

Also because it is not always so easy to reach, the mining was stopped on 31 March 1998 and the settlement was abandoned the same year. In 2000 the last people left, except for  2 watchmen.
Unfortunately the watchmen were also called back and the once stately town changed into a ghost town.

Too bad that there are always people who think that when nobody looks, you can /may do anything you want.
Like break into houses, and take personal belongings.
The fact that nobody is there, does not mean that it is yours. Pyramiden hasn't been given up completely, new sources of income have been found. There are still a number of people who see the possibilities to let Pyramiden be revived.

Left: the footpath to the harbour and at the background Nordenskiöldbreen